Linux opens up my mind, period.


A month ago, I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (long term support version). Within that month, I learned so much from Linux history, boot processes to Linux commands: manual page command (man), info page command (info), and more importantly the two powerful developer tools, Vim and Emacs.

I learned to run IDEs like Android Studio or Intellij, all you have to do is to type ./ command in Android Studio bin directory.

If a new bash file is created, then one have to chmod +x file, to make it executable.


I went deep with vim by going Google Search, Vimtutor and documentations and editing .vimrc file to customize the environment.

Examples are like set ai //autoindent, set mouse=a, set spell). They are very helpful in making the editing experience awesome and I love to do editing on it now.


I also learned it the hard way that when restoring the system, make sure you know the version that you are restoring to, and make sure all current important files are saved to USB or other devices.


I lost my .vimrc file configuration file once by doing a restore. I lost the $PATH variable for my JDK locations as well as my Java files., which is under /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0_71 Thus, I conclude that whenever I am working with my Linux system, I must be careful when working on system-wide operation or file operations.


After finishing up the Bash Shell Scripting and rest of the sections, I took my time seriously for this final exam.

I can’t believe but in the end, I finished with a 100%. Excited?

No, I know there are few questions that make me wonder. I went into the manual pages to understand better of the command switches.

Though my intuition is correct most of the times, I am not proud.


Now, Bash shell is more of a friend of mine now because commands like:

ls -l, mkdir, cd, top, ln -s, sed, cat, head, tail, mv, cp, rm, find, locate, updatedb, vim(hjkl, u, a, e, b, w, c-w, tab, A, o, O, $, ^,  0, gg, G, 2dd, cw, )

can come naturally. And it’s not an end but a start, to learn more about the system, to work with it and tweak it.



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Linux Course
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